I am looking for a developer to create me a plugin for SketchUp. 3d model marketplace instant download in extension models

I am looking for a developer to create me a plugin for sketch up . 3d model marketplace instant download in extension models.

best regard

When you say “plugin for SketchUp” are you referring to an extension? Those aren’t usable in the free version (which you’ve listed in your profile).
By “3d model marketplace” are you talking about the 3D Warehouse?
I’m also not sure what you mean by “extension models.” You can equip extensions for SketchUp to aid in your modeling (such as Fredo6 or Solid Inspector), but there isn’t really such a thing as an extension model.

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you should delete your email from your post. It can be skimmed by bots and exploited.

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While you are editing your post to remove your e-mail address, perhaps you could also more clearly describe what it is you are trying to accomplish. It might be that there’s already an extension or some other method available to do what you want.


how bro

am not developer am designer i have a one good idea but some help me build my plugin how many per hours price build my plugin?

You haven’t given enough information about what you want this plugin to do in order for anyone to quote a price. Your profile says you are using a “Free Plan”. The only free version is SketchUp Free which is web based and has no facility to use any plugins. I presume you are a hobbyist user if you are using that version.
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Edit your post and delete the email address.

why i said i just looking for developer

I would like to increase the sales of furniture manufacturers by uploading the actual of furniture manufacturers in our market as a 3D file and uploading it to my plugin. I just need someone to make the plugin that I have in mind. Please help me

There are guys that run bots on forums like this to skim email addresses. If you want to receive copius amounts of spam leave it in your post. I think the forum discourages adding emails to your post so you might want to read the rules.

Many furniture manufacturers already have their models uploaded to the 3D Warehouse in official accounts. It can either be uploaded directly to the site or by using the pull-down menu “3D Warehouse >> Share Model” in the Pro version of the application.
The extension you’re proposing sounds redundant.


Are the 3D models already in the 3D warehouse? are you creating the 3D models? Have you developed an extension for inserting the 3D models. If the models are in the warehouse you don’t need an extension. Your request is super confusing and sort of shows a lack of how the program actually works. If I want a piece of Herman Miller furniture I go to the warehouse and search for it and then download it into my model.

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In 3d warehouse I searched for Steelcase Furniture and got their official collections of furniture. I can select any of these images and then download directly into my model or save it to a collection on my hard drive. Works with most major vendors of all sorts of models.

am Looking extension developer pm me

To echo what has been said, if you hope to find a developer here, you need to clearly explain what you need. Right now, SketchUp allows you to search for and download models from 3dwarehouse without any extensions. How would creating an extension that does what the base software already does help you?


our local designers need this plugin am from asia we need 3d local furniture brands extension plugin

So, you’re making models based on local furniture brands and need them available to download into a Sketchup session? How is that any different than using 3D Warehouse?

Do you even understand what people are trying to tell you? You keep saying the same, that you need a developer to create something that already exists.


According to their email, they want a clone of an extension called Thudio (from Dekoruma), which is literally just 3D Warehouse but with more curated and controlled uploads, kind of like the Component Sampler but with actual brand names like Bosch, Rinnai, and Panasonic.
So, basically, they want a duplicate of another extension, which itself is, let’s be real, a knockoff of 3D Warehouse and the Component Sampler.

The more I have read her emails I dont think she understand anything about SU and the 3D Warehouse. I reached out through DM and have not heard a word.

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