Transfering Warehouse Plugins

I have Sketchup 2017 make on my windows 8.1 computer and I had downloaded the solid inspector from the warehouse. But now the warehouse requires an update (no doubt a paid update) to access it again. I have same Sketchup software now on my Windows 10 system. How can I transfer the plugin from old system to new system? I just need to know that my models don’t have holes. Nothing fancy.

3 parts answer :

yes. IF you want to use the extension warehouse, or the 3d warehouse, from INSIDE SU make 2017, you can’t. You’ll need SU2021 or more recent, it has a 3year support. Since it’s basically a bit of chrome inside SU, it allows the devs to have a more reduces support for older versions.

BUT. you can still access it from your browser.

and here for the 3d warehouse.

From there, you can still download the extension package. Then in the extension manager in SU17, you can simply install the package you just downloaded.

OR you can use Sketchucation, either the free plugin manager they provide, or simply downloading extension and installing them in the standard manager like I mentioned before.

The thing that is “behind a paywall” is the native integration of the warehouse within sketchup. it makes your life easier.
but if you don’t want to use a recent paid version instead of your SU17make, you can. just not with the “make life simpler” tool :wink:

If you use the 3d warehouse the same way, in your browser, you’ll need to download the files as collada. OR as sketchup (recent) and install an extension by eneroth to open more recent files

If you have the original RBZ for SolidInspector, then simply copy it over to your new system and install that RBZ’s contents into v2017.

Alternatively you could try the more risky route of copying its RB file and subfolder of the same name, from your earlier version Plugins folder, across into your newer v2017 Plugins folder…
i.e. tt_solid_inspector.rb and tt_solid_inspector subfolder.

If you meant tt_solid_inspector2 then the RB and subfolder are name accordingly…

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So I can download same extension/plugin directly from site and it will auto install?

I’ve done this the last 4 SU updates and no issues at all. I agree, give it a shot but maybe just a few at a time just to be sure.

it won’t auto install. you will have to manually install it.

this is the extension manager (in french, on a mac, I know, it’s the same on a pc)
bottom button to install an external extension. click on it, select the extension installer you downloaded, then poof, it’s done.

from anywhere. the official site, sketchucation’s site, some random site you got the link to on a forum… anywhere.

Does the download need to be placed in a certain folder for the manager to find it?

No. When you click on Install Extension the File Explorer will open and you’ll navigate to where you saved it.

There is no Extension Manager in SU2017 as there is in newer versions but there is the Install Extension button under Preferences>Extensions. (As I remember it with that ancient version.)

oh yeah that rings a bell. back then I just started teaching, and I went almost vanilla (for teaching reasons). the extension management is distant and blurry to me :slight_smile:

2016 did work that way:

2017 does have the Extension Manager.

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Appears to have extension manager.

So you’ve got it, now press the Install Extension button and navigate to ‘probably’ your ‘Downloads’ folder and select the relevant .rbz

The difference with earlier and later extension managers is that the earlier one is found in the Window Menu and later one found in the Extensions Menu.

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Works great. Thanks everyone.

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