Log in to the Warehouse

Hello I’m using the 2017 version and for some reason, I cannot log in and download it from the warehouse
Does anybody facing the same problem and have a solution?

I was going to say that the 3D Warehouse no longer supports v2017 - usually, Trimble/Sketchup only supports the current and two prior versions. But I find I CAN use the Window/3D warehouse from within 2017 to get to the warehouse!

Try clearing your browser cache and see if that helps. And search the forum for ‘3d warehouse 2017’ - there are some other suggestions there to fix the issue.

As a workaround, use an external browser to access either the 3D or Extension warehouse, download the file you want, then either open it (if a .skp file) or import it (if another type of model file like Collada/DAE). Or if it’s an extension, use the Window/Extension Manager and [Install extension], then pick the .rbz or .rbe file you have downloaded.