Why I cannot login to https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com?

I try to download some model from https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/
But loggin is not possible with this account.
This service is only for paid licenses?
No, I do not want to use google account.


You must have a Trimble account to be able to use the 3D Warehouse but if you are using SketchUp Free (web) as your profile says, you should be already signed in and able to access the 3D Warehouse directly from the Components panel in SketchUp.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m using “Sketchup Make 17” (old one).
If I choose “Window => 3D Warehouse” I arrive to the window where there’s no way to create account.

Why did you put SketchUp Free (Web) in your profile, then? That changes things.

The 3D Warehouse does not support SketchUp 2018 or earlier so that includes SketchUp 2017 Make. You can access the 3D Warehouse through your web browser and download the Collada file for the components you are interested in. Then import the included .dae file into Sketchup.

Please correct your profile. That information is important for giving you the right help.

In that time I created account I did not know what to choose - corrected.
Web interface changes nothing [https://identity.trimble.com/]:

You see; no way to create account. I created my profile here hoping that this account will work there but no way.

This is a forum hosted by Discourse. It has nothing to do with your account for using the 3D Warehouse.

Go to https://connect.trimble.com/ and click on Sign In in the upper right corner. Then click on Create an account.

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Way better now - thank you for your support!
I thought these sites belong to same vendor.

Good deal.

FWIW, as a hobbyist with SketchUp you might also consider creating your own components. That can be enjoyable andsatisfying.

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