Can't download models from 3D Warehouse without login in to Trimble

I am using Sketchup Make 2017. I can’t download any models anymore from the 3D warehouse. I am only getting directed to sign in to Trimble where I only get error messages.
What seems to be the problem and how do i go further to be able to use Sketchup Make 2017 fully again? Thanks!

Did you create a Trimble account and sign in with it?

Skärmavbild 2020-03-06 kl. 16.41.44
I get to here, try to sign in with my email and the window is not loading anymore.

and yes I did reset the password for the trimble account and am using my gmail when i try to log in.

While you figure out the account issues you can use the Components panel to search 3D Warehouse. When you see something you like, click on its thumbnail, not the text link, and the model will immediately download without you having to sign in.

I am sorry what do you mean with Components panel, where do I find it? thank you

Window menu>Components.

I am so sorry could you sen d a screenshot?

ah got you! Do you know though how I can get help with the login?

You could go to and try to sign in. After you have managed that, doing forgot password or whatever it takes, the same sign in should work from SketchUp.