I can't Login to my 3D warehouse

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I have cleared my cash and followed the google privacy steps of allowing third party apps to sign in, but this doesn’t work. Trimbe and 3D warehouse is a 3rd party app that has access to my google account. I had access 2 days ago and now it won’t let me sign in.

You can’t use a Google ID to sign into the 3D Warehouse. You need to make a Trimble ID. There have been a number of threads on this topic. I’ll find a link to one of them and post it.

FWIW, I looked at your website. Nice work you do. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make but since you are using SketchUp for your business, you really need to be using SketchUp Pro.

See the following:

I have upgraded to sketchup pro and it fixed the problem.

Thank you

Good deal. Maybe you can update your profile while you’re here. It’s useful to know that info when need a hand with things.