3D Warehouse Sign In Not Working

I’m using SketchUp 2018, have been for a few years, now. I noticed yesterday when I tried to access the 3D warehouse that I have been signed out of my account. Which is weird because I was able to access it the previous day (and everyday prior), but whatever. When I click the little avatar icon in the upper right corner of the 3D warehouse window I’m greeted with a “Sign In / Create Account” button.

From there I am given three options: Continue w/ Trimble Sign In, Create Trimble Password, or Upgrade SketchUp.

The first option allows me to enter my email address, then a password, then Sign In - where I’m met with an error page telling me I’m unable to sign in. Warning me further that I’ve got a few more shots to get it right before my account is locked. I’ve got one email and one password I use for SketchUp so I can’t figure out why it’s not working. Maybe it’s my password? Maybe I changed it at some point and forgot. Possible, so I move on to the second option.

The second option allows me to enter my email address then click Reset Password. When I click Reset Password nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. I’m not sent to a second screen that allows me to enter a new password, and I’m not emailed a link that sends me to a reset password window. Nothing happens. Weird to have a button with a prompt that does nothing when you click it.

The third option is out of my reach at the moment.

I’m going to assume that I’m doing something wrong, like missing a step or not understanding how it all works, but I just can’t figure this out. I’ve reached out to SketchUp directly for some help but they told me to come here and ask for assistance from their users.

So… has anyone else had this problem, and if so… how did you resolve it?

The one about the password was added later, and I’m not sure of the time when it would be useful.

Before that was there just the continue with Trimble option. That seems to still work the way it did before, part of which is not intuitive.

If you are doing this for the first time, it’s likely you don’t have a Trimble ID, and at first there isn’t a Sign Up option. So, instead you put in your preferred email address. When you click Next, and you see a question for a password, that means you do have that email address as a Trimble ID. If at that point you’re completely forgetting that you had such a thing, go to sketchup.com in a browser, and sign in with that email address. Your browser may have stored your password, but do whatever it takes to successfully sign into sketchup.com. Now come back to SketchUp 2018 and use the same password to sign in.

If your preferred email address has never been used as a Trimble ID, you will see a message about it being an unknown user, and you have fields to put in your details, say you’re not a robot, pick a password, and set up the account for that email address. An account confirmation email is sent, go and find that and click on the button to activate the account. Then come back to SketchUp 2018 and use your new password to sign in.

Thanks, Colin. It came down to the password I typically use being slightly different by one letter (using the @ for the “a” in my password). No recollection of changing it to that but there it is.

Appreciate the quick reply.

Yep - experiencing that exact thing myself right now. It’s infuriating. Not sure why the warehouse is password-protected in the first place.

Warehouse is password-protected because there are folders and private models which allow only you (the account owner) to view.