Trimble password


I can no longer sign in to the 3D warehouse using my Google sign in so the only option is to create a new Trimble password…only it won’t allow me to do this. I enter my email address and hit NEXT but nothing happens. Same thing happened yesterday which makes me think it may not be a simple glitch. Is anyone else having the same problem? Thanks

There were server issues yesterday. Are you able to get through now?

With regard to signing into 3DW from inside SketchUp 2018, it would need you to have a Trimble ID, but that can be your same Google sign in email. If that is your email, that already is a Trimble ID, and would work, but would have its Trimble ID specific password. One option would be to sign into in a browser, with your email as a Trimble ID, and see what password your browser uses. That same password should work from inside SketchUp.