SKU Pro 2018 - no gmail sign in?!? No warning?

Just tried to go in and use the warehouse and that is usually an automatic thing for me. Warning from Trimble that I’m no longer allowed to sign-in via Google unless I upgrade my license. So I can understand why that is on one level (though the upgrade option seems totally self serving of Trimble) I shrug my shoulders and use my normal login info. Password is wrong…hmmm…then a warning box says I have had too many unsuccessful login attempts, after only one, and I am locked out for 30 minutes. WHAT!!

First of all, I’m on the clock on a real job and don’t need this right now.
Second of all…ZERO warning. No email alert. Nothing. Just stranded…What is this? If my normal password for my account doesn’t work, how do I now sign in?

This could be due to the change that Google recently made to how the google ID sign in works. Check this thread on signing in with google ID in pre 19 SU. You can still use 18, an upgrade is not required.

The way I read that, Google should have e-mailed its users to let them know this option was going to be removed from applications that used their sign in. Is that correct? I quit using my Google sign in for SketchUp years ago so I wasn’t affected by this change.

In addition to what I had previously said (thanks endlessfix), if you sign in with your Google password a few times, into Trimble, it will lock you out. Doing a forgot password gets around that, and is as fast a way to get the Trimble ID going as any. And after all, you haven’t yet made a password to forget.

So that you’re mentally prepared, the Trimble password requirements are tougher than the Google ones.

Am I wrong to expect that?
Seems like a simple thing to me

I don’t know but since it was a Google thing, it seems reasonable to expect Google to let you know.

Google did announcements a long time ago. 2019.3 was release in part to prepare for Google cutting us off, and then the earlier than 2019.3 sign in screen was altered to give people a way to adapt.

The wording could perhaps be better.

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A google thing?

Seems like it is a Sketchup/Trimble thing also to me…maybe I’m wrong. It affects my use of a Sketchup/Trimble product, so why isn’t Trimble/Sketchup informing me that something Google has had in place to use their software is being removed and we legacy users will have to login a different way to the warehouses.

Is that off base?

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Here is Google’s announcement about it from last April:

and what we said when 2019.3 was released:

I guess Trimble/SketchUp have tried to deal with it by making updates but like other things that have changed, Google’s change of location services, Windows discontinuing of support for IE, and Apple’s release of Catalina for example those changes can only be made for the currently supported version.

From what I can see, there have been attempts to let users know.

One interesting thing, which in the end is a great relief, is that the sign in screens in the earlier versions were web based. Imagine if those pages were internal HTML, we would have to update 15 previous versions of SketchUp.

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Those are all great resource Colin, but only if you know to go there and read them when they get released. If I don’t know to go there and don’t know to go there, how do I discover this issue? The only way is like it just happened this morning and it’s cost me now about 45 minutes of my time when it could have been an email with a quick note to legacy users to go a create a new Trimble password and I could deal with it proactively.

It’s done now…thanks for all the responses guys.

Users who did not rely on the google service were unaffected. Glad you got it sorted and are back up and running.

I was thinking about how each version could have something like terms and conditions that you have to scroll through before you can use SketchUp. It wouldn’t be terms and conditions, it would be the release notes.

One flaw in that idea is that the people most affected are the ones who haven’t upgraded, and so they would not see the later version release notes. So, the about to be replaced sign in screen could have had an article about it.

Pretty sure this won’t change for a while, but if it does we could try something like that.

Well you have point there for sure. It’s of no consequence at this point, but if you can turn the boat a bit if something similar happens in the future that would be great.

Isn’t it still possible though to just use a regular browser to log into 3D Warehouse and use it that way? It’s not within SketchUp, but I often work this way anyway.

When your name is R T Cool anything is possible…

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I kinda thought that for awhile now, each version had this thing called a “Welcome Screen” that can dynamically display web-based information of help to users.

I’d have thought the core team had added the ability to force display of messages that would need to be acknowledged by the user. Then message pages aimed at certain releases could be sent, and it would be the user’s fault if they dismiss them without taking action.

Anyway … in my opinion this is a much better way to notify users than the pitfalls of mass email that usually wind up in the Junk bin, or get sent to users to whom it does not apply (which contributes to later on users ignoring such emails.)

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Agreed. Presenting it on the Welcome screen is a good way to do it. At least it has the potential to communicate important information as long as the users actually take the time to read it and haven’t disabled the Welcome screen in the first place.

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My idea would display the Welcome Screen anyway. Ie, a secret flag would override the preference until the user acknowledges the message. This is already done for the EULA acknowledgement.