SKU Pro 2018 - no gmail sign in?!? No warning?

That’d be good. At least it would miss fewer people.

So yet another overpowering pop up is the answer, nobody’s going to be annoyed and ignore that once they have worked out how to avoid it.

I like that one even better. Specific to each version, with interaction that forces a play from the user to either do something about the issue of ignore it.

on the welcome screen…I disabled it only because it never seemed to me to change. Would a user interaction panel be better? Similar to an “user profile” page on the forums? Instead of placing all the account info in the preferences (apple user here), couldn’t there be a profile icon out on the Sketchup main top bar that not only has all the software details but also user profile and then Trimble/Sketchup updates and interactions. This would allow for version specific updates and communications that would show up with a mark on the UI that makes me interact with it.

Not sure if that’s possible with stand alone licenses, but seems like it would work for subscriptions.

Well, you’re still on SU2018. It changed for 2019+, and has been revamped.
It’s main page is now a open choice panel having lists of templates and recent files.
Another page is license management, and another has icons (that lead to these forums, the Learning Campus, and the YouTube SketchUp Videos.)

So the little webpanel with the dynamic informational webpage went bye-bye.
But there is still plenty of space in the left nav column for more panel links (say 6 …8 at least.)

Kinda like the new user button ?



It has a drop down menu with signin/out item and a manage license item (currently.)

Yeah, exactly like that…That little green check mark could go to a a red one or similar to alert the user to the an issue like we are discussing.

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