3D Warehouse now closed to me?

I’m using SU 2017, version 17.2.2555. Now 3D warehouse no longer functions. Is this something Trimble has done to force me to upgrade? I am 76 years old and retired from architecture, so I have no need to upgrade.
Here’s what precipitated this issue. In September I am going to tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House in Buffalo, NY. There is a SU model of it available online, but it was modeled in version 19.0.1 and it won’t open in my version. Might there be a work-around that will allow me to tour the SU model before I tour the real thing? Thanks.

It’s been quite awhile since the 3D Warehouse stopped supporting SketchUp 2017. You can download the Collada version of components from the 3D Warehouse via your internet browser and then import the .dae file into SketchUp. Or you can use Eneroth Open Newer Version from the Extension Warehouse. Download the newer version of the component with your browser and use the extension to open it. Or, at least for now, you could download the components into SketchUp Free (web) and save them to your computer as SU2017 files which you can then import or insert into SketchUp 2017.

Eneroth has an excellent plugin that can help you open new SketchUp files in older versions. Here’s the link:
Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I have no experience with plug-ins, so I may need some coaching.

  • The warehouse is a website.
  • Websites need a browser
  • Browsers need to be upto date for security /compatibility.
  • The browser built into older versions of SU is no longer compatible with current standards.

It’s basically that simple, there’s no secret scheme to force you to upgrade, it’s just that tech has moved past the ability for 2017 to support it.
You can access the warehouse from any current browser directly and download any (I believe) model as a collada DAE model and then import it into 2017.

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Went to the site, clicked on DOWNLOAD, got a Terms of Service agreement, but when I cursor over the ACCEPT, all I can get is the circle with a diagonal slash not letting me accept. Any ideas?

Try scrolling to the bottom of the Terms of Service.

Paul: Thank you for your explanation. I went directly to 3D Warehouse, but was unable to find ANY FLW models.
DaveR: Yes, I went to the bottom but all I can get hovering over the ACCEPT is that circle/diagonal

I bet you were on the ‘Products’ tab and not ‘Models’
There are a load of FLW models but as usual for the 3DW 99% of them will be ½ finished dross:

Something that appears to still work is to use the Components tray, and search 3D Warehouse there for models. When you get results, click on the thumbnail image, and the model will directly import into SketchUp 2017.

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Paul & Colin, thank you both, that was helpful. Clearly I’m rusty at using the current 3D Warehouse site.