3D Warehouse for SU2016

Lately when I have been looking for random models for my projects, I get an error message that says “model is not compatible with older versions of SU”. How do I apply a filter that only finds models that will work with my version of Sketchup?

The 3D Warehouse supports the latest three versions of SketchUp; 2017, 2018, and 2019. SketchUp 2016 is no longer supported. You can access models/components by going to the 3DE Warehouse in your Internet browser and downloading the Collada file which can then be imported into SketchUp 2016.

Hi Dave,
So basically 3D warehouse can not be used any more for 2016 version. I would appreciate if all the 2016 warehouse can be accessed
in a separate folder and use for those who still have that version.

Any models that were uploaded in an older format are still available in that format. You can view 3D Warehouse in a modern browser and either directly get a 2016 or earlier version, if it was uploaded that way, or you can get a Collada version.

The reason 3D Warehouse doesn’t work inside SketchUp Windows is because it used Internet Explorer to show the web pages, and that’s what has been dropped, you wouldn’t be able to use IE to download models even if you are using 2019.

The part about supporting the last three versions means that if someone uploads a 2019 model, it will be converted to 2018 and 2017, but not to 2016.

The simplest way to view models that are going to work is to search for what you want in the Components panel. Then you are only shown results that will work, but may not include the Collada version. Using Edge or Chrome would include the Collada results.

3D Warehouse continues to work inside SketchUp 2016 on Mac, because that doesn’t use Internet Explorer.

Actually, it appears that the oldest download format might be SU2014 - if something was created in SU2014 and uploaded to the 3DWH in that format, it will be available for download in that format*… but anything older will not be available in any format earlier than SU2017. I still use SU8 (occasionally SU2014), and anything I upload to the 3DWH in that format can only be downloaded in 2017, 2018 and sometimes 2019 formats. And for models that were uploaded long enough ago, the SU2019 format choice is frequently not listed in the download list.

*The same is probaby true for SU vs 2015 and 2016.

Could be, 2014 was the oldest I saw in a quick look around. There a lot of KMZ files though.