3d warehouse version issue

Ive seen a thread on this matter which is now closed but felt that it still needs addressing. to download from the warehouse you need the current version whcih right now is v.2017. However I suspect there are many in the same position as me, who cant download the latest version as it requires graphic capabilities beyond the capacity of my curren PC/OS. Now I would like nothing better than to upgrade my machine everytime a new sketchup arrives but sadly that isnt possible. In the light of this wouldnt it be easier if the warehouse files remained at version 7. They could be downloaded by all as they are forward compatible?

Actually you need SU2014 or newer.

I think you just have to face the fact that at some point, your old software isn’t going to be supported.

There is no reason to update hardware for each version of SketchUp. Not sure where you got the idea that would be necessary. Operating systems change, equipment changes and it’s a fact of dealing with computers that once in awhile you will need to upgrade to remain current. This isn’t unique to SketchUp.

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The 3D warehouse allows you to download all the way back to 2014, which is when it transitioned fully from google.
2013 was the transition from SU8 and SU7 was long before that.
Generally SU7 is the hacked one, SU8 is the last legal free one and anything with a 20 in front of it is the one that freebies complain about.


I discovered that when i tried to download version 2017. it wont work on my PC for whatever reason and I understand that software does progress. it still seems a shame that the file system is no longer compatible with all versions.

According to your profile, you’re still using Windows Vista. As indicated in the System Requirements, you need at least Windows 7 to run SketchUp 2017.

That costs money and time to do. There’s not an unlimited supply of either. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to continue investing in ancient, unsupported versions that are only used by a few, with most of them using the free version.

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I am using vista on this machine but it still wont work on my other machine which is 64 bit/wndows 10 but. thats not the problem though.It must have cost time and money to update all the files to v2017 whcih seems a pointless exercise. I understand they produce new versions but it still seems a bit unfair to shut out loyal users like me who have been using SU since version 5…

Why? Old out-dated graphics card or drivers? Incorrect installation of the software? SketchUp 2017 will run on Windows 10 so it’s not the operating system that is the problem.

It’s not pointless to keep resources such as the 3D Warehouse up to date with the software.

Are you using SketchUp Pro or the free version? Maybe there’s an alternative for you.

I have updated all my driversreleasesto the most recent and everythjing else coneetced to the use of sketchup 2017. It will not run ion this machine. regardless of that I only want to be able to dwonload from the warehouse not upgrade my system. I have noti ced on later versions that the option to save to all the way back to sketchup 7 is provided. If there is no sipport for these versions why have this function?
also I am looking for answers and not opinions. I want to use sketchup not be told that its me or my hardware that is the issue

The fact is, as Box told you a month ago, the 3D Warehouse only supports back to SU2014. If you want to be able to download SKP files from the Warehouse, you’ll need to be running SU2014 or a newer version. That’s not an opinion. It’s the way it is.

I made some suggestions to do some things that others have found worked for them. That’s also not an opinion, either.

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And as I pointed out I have limited resources and can’t continue to update my devices to keep up with the warehouse. I’m well aware that software does not stand still and eventually will outdo my machine. That was not the issue. My question was about not being able to download from the warehouse into the version that my machine can run. Trimble proudly declare “sketch up for all” then make it difficult for people to use it. It was also stated that it costs money to change the files back in the warehouse so why change them in the first place? Later versions can save files all the way back to sketchup 7 which makes the whole exercise ridiculous. All I want to be able to do is download from the warehouse but they have put a stop to that.

I would disagree, they launched my.sketchup.com in order to reach out for people with limited graphic resources.

If you have a browser (I think you do) you will have a running version that can download from the 3D Warehouse :slight_smile:

BTW: it is possible to save to version 3 with later versions of SketchUp:

im not saying i cant use sketchup. i can run older versions which are still
compatible with my hardware. what has become a problem for me is that the
warehouse files are version 2014 onwards and therefore i cant download them. i
suspect i am not the only user in this position. what you would you do if the
warehouse advances to version 20XX and requires hardware that was beyond your
ability to keep up with?

I guess I would draw the things myself and not rely on the Warehouse.

that is a solution and i have been making my own models. i have over 200
uploaded to the warehouse and they will stay there out of my reach. just feels
like a let down thats all.

Yeah, I can imagine that it feels like that.

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