Pro 7.1 still runs but no access to 3D Warehouse



(HP ProBook 4540s computer)
I’ve created quite a few details and uploaded them over the years, but they are no longer available to me as a user of this 13 yr old software. I’m on a different computer than when I was working, so old backups are not available.


That’s not surprising. The old warehouse you could access from SU7.1 no longer exists and that ancient version of SketchUp can’t point to the current Warehouse. It really makes little difference since there are no files in the Warehouse that 7.1 can open. You need at least SketchUp 2014 or newer to be able to open files in the Warehouse. (That change occurred at the beginning of the year.)

It’s time to update and install SU2017.


@VinnyS, you can install Make 2016 or 2017 side by side with the old versions, and use the Save As… feature to backsave the newer versions to 7.

SketchUp 2017 requires a relatively new graphics system with OpenGL 3.x support AND a 64-bit Operating System & machine.

If your machine’s graphics are not up to it, (or you have either a 32-bit OS or machine,) then you can d/l the 2 previous older versions here:

(Trimble supports the 3 latest versions of SketchUp.)

With regard to older Google SketchUp versions having issues with the newer Trimble 3D Warehouse, see this pinned thread:

With regard to ALL versions and GeoLocation features:


Thanks Dan,
I’m not drafting for a living anymore, but the home I’m purchasing soon will require some drawings. About all I’ve done since retirement is ads for my band on YouTube! (“the boomers”, and no, those submarine pix were borrowed from an as yet unknown internet Graphics Provider…(thank him too?))
So the advise is well taken and I’ll check back with/for updates.
-VinnyS [zygor]


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