SketchUp 8 - 3D Warehouse is blank

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(1) There is no such product.

(2) (If you are meaning SketchUp 8 Free edition,) it has never been supported for Extension Warehouse, and 3D Warehouse support ended at the beginning of this year, January 1, 2017. (Ie, version 8 and 2013 SKP model files are no longer archived nor served.)

(3) In 2015, there were changes (Google no longer redirected server requests to Trimble servers) which required users of v8 and v2013 to make some edits to configuration files, in order to keep 3D Warehouse working:

(4) Recently some changes with regard to upload of KMZ files:

(5) SketchUp’s Add Location feature is being discontinued by Google, so in all non-current versions of SketchUp, this feature will no longer work. (Trimble is working to provide alternate geographic mapping, imaging and terrain features for SketchUp Pro 2017 and higher.)

Sorry, but yes the free version, and your correct. but im not sure on my
dated version i currently have. also from what i gather there is basically
nothing i can do eventually, till they set up alt path way for us free
users to receive textures and warehouse. or possibly they may never put
forth resources and manpower due to they are concentrating on 2016 and 2017
version of sketchup as priority 1.

and think you for replying back to me, and your time.

lastly, that link you posted. is that a direct link to possibly view
avenues to troubleshoot my issue or a link to what?

@ironmike1975usmc1775, if you’re waiting for them to provide you an alternate link to the Warehouse for SketchUp 8, you’ll be waiting a very long time. It’s just not going to happen because it would require updating SketchUp 8. It’s nothing to do with priorities of newer versions. The only version that is currently supported and at all likely to get updates is SU2017.

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