Can't seem to get sketchup to access the warehouse

I keep getting this:

Any ideas as to what I’m not doing right? Thanks, Dave

Your profile is confusing but it appears you might be using SketchUp 8. If that’s the case, the 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported that version for many years. The link that SketchUp 8 uses to access the 3D Warehouse has been dead for nearly a decade. You could go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser and download the Collada file for the thing you’re after and then import the DAE file included in that Collada file.

Please update and correct your profile. There is no free (web) version of SketchUp 8 and there never has been.

OK, thanks. that’s info I should have known!

Yes. The discontinuation of the Google-based 3D Warehouse was announced well before it happened.

BTW, maybe you could fix your forum profile while you are here to remove any confusion.