Heads-up, SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 2013 users!

Hi everyone,

If you use any version of SketchUp 8 or 2013 (Free, Pro, or Make), then this heads-up is for you!

These versions of SketchUp are a few years old, and in them, we have several web-connected features that point to the old 3D Warehouse (hosted on Google.com). For the past few years, we’ve supported these old links by having Google redirect to our new 3D Warehouse on SketchUp.com.

On June 1st, Google will turn-off these redirects. (Sadface). Unfortunately, this will break the 3D Warehouse-connected features inside SketchUp 8 and 2013.

If you’re still using an older version of SketchUp, you can learn more about what’s breaking and what you can do to fix it here.

(Hint: update to SketchUp 2015 today, and all redirect demons will be vanquished!)

The SketchUp team


I can see them appearing in the forums :wink:

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What happens to versions prior to SketchUp 8? Are they eligible for an upgrade to SU 2015 without the reinstatement fee as well?

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Edit: 5/2017 for accuracy.

If you are a CAD user, 2013 has the DXF export option for free. It was removed from 2015, unless you have the Pro version. You can use google and go directly too the Sketchup page. Here you will see the option for 3D Warehouse. I have found this link faster at showing items.

Hey @sclayton, this is a more complicated response and topic, but let me take a stab at it!

SketchUp Make (Free) has never included a dxf export feature. This has always been reserved for users of SketchUp Pro (There was a brief time that we included a dxf import feature in a earlier version before SketchUp 8)

I want to clarify that when you download SketchUp Make, it comes with a free SketchUp Pro trial that will automatically revert back to Make after 30 days. But while you are experiencing the Pro trial, you would be able to access all features, including both dxf import and export for a limited time.

If you want to read even more, please check out this blog post from our very own @jbacus which explains it more in detail.


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Thank you for your reply!

It appears though that this promo is not available in all counties. Can the users know this only by contacting their local re-sellers or is this information available somewhere else as well?

Yes, you could contact your local reseller or follow our upgrade wizard here: http://www.sketchup.com/upgrade The promo is not currently working and will start to work on Friday, 5/1, so you can upgrade and get reimbursed, or wait to upgrade until after Friday.


Thanks for the info - I instruct 5th thru 8th grade gifted and talented at a local University in the summer. The warehouse is a hit reserved for the last day of class. I’ll need to get 2015 installed.
The info is much appreciated!

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Anyone else tried the ‘fix’ of replacing the sketchup.dat file?
Have tried on 3 pc’s and both SU8 & SU2013 and it doesn’t seem to provide the promised fix.

I am a teacher and we have been using SU 2013. We are in school until June 16th, what will happen to us on June 1, can we still use SU 2013?
We will be updating in the fall when the school year starts, but my IT department will no upgrade for the last few weeks of school. I’m worried my kids work will be lost or they will not be able to complete projects

Have you read the different options for your version in @jody’s link? Which functions that will be affected will your kids need? You will still be able to use SketchUp and use a webbrowser to get models from the 3D warehouse…

I’ve updated to the newest versions of Sketchup Make and Google Earth, but still getting expired redirects when I select a model in GE (legacy 3d viewing) and try to follow its link to the warehouse. Is that link gone for good? It would be a shame as the models are still there, but so much more difficult to locate each one manually.

SketchUp no longer has any connection to Google Earth or Google and hasn’t for a long time now. The 3D Warehouse has been on a new domain and the links from Google Earth haven’t worked either as Google stopped using SketchUp models. There are no plans to add or include any Google Earth data in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse that isn’t already there.

Well that’s a shame. The models are still there in GE, and I can still copy paste the names to find each exact model in the warehouse. Is there any other way to browse buildings in the warehouse on a map?

Unfortunately not, you’ve found the only workflow to get that information out of the 3D Warehouse.

I have SketchUp Pro 2015 and can’t get to 3D Warehouse. It says my version is too old and that I need to upgrade to Pro 2015. Any ideas?

Do you have different versions installed and started an older one instead (<=2013)?

I have an version 8 installed so that I can import sketchup models into our Cabinet Vision Software