3D Warehouse is reducing access to selected SU formats

This will be of interest to those users working with SU 8 and SU 2013.
It was posted at the following url:

Please Note: On January 1, 2017, SketchUp Version 8, and SketchUp Version 2013 file formats will no longer be available for download from 3D Warehouse.

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It is also presented in the 3D Warehouse interface in SketchUp. It also shows up at the top of the 3D Warehouse page when accessed through the browser. Fair warning given.

Yeah, I saw that a few minutes ago. I must say, I am not happy about the restrictions. Personally, I have steered clear of upgrading to a higher SU version than SU8. I am completely used to SU8 and have attempted to “try” newer versions of SU, but have found them lacking in certain features.

Over the years I have collected and use regularly some very fine plug-ins for SU8 and have spent a great deal of time getting everything just right for my workflow. I admit, I don’t “grab” very many models from the warehouse anyway, but to not provide availability for “legacy” format downloads just feels, well,…sketchy.

Such as?

I just recall trying to use the new Make on someone else’s computer because I didn’t have access to my computer. It felt fisher-pricey to me. I found it difficult to customize. I’m sure if I had a little more patience and willingness, I could switch over to a newer version of SU and get everything set just right. I suppose I am a creature of habit.

Nothing has been removed in the way of options for customizing the UI. In fact, there have been additions such as the option to create custom toolbars that you are missing in SU8. Probably time to try again.

Will do at some point. Thx Dave.

Returning to the original topic, users upload models to the 3D Warehouse in whatever SU version they are running. The back-end in the warehouse does the conversion to other SU versions. That requires maintenance effort (to make sure the conversions are working correctly) and some combination of processing time and storage space. So, it makes business sense for Trimble to discontinue free conversion in the Warehouse for SU versions that are no longer supported.


Dave R. : I have downloaded Sketchup 2016 as well (I’m currently using Sketchup 8), Can I downlioad models from 3D Warehouse using Sketchup 2016 ? Gary Stanullwich

Yes. You can. Is there some reason you think you wouldn’t be able to? Did you try it?