Perpetual License and 3D Warehouse

I own a perpetual License of Sketchup Pro 2021 and just got a pop-up that says 3D Warehouse will no longer be available soon for my version of SUP. What options (other than subscription) will allow me to continue to access models in 3D warehouse when SU 2021 is no longer supported?

use your browser.
you can access the 3d warehouse on your browser, it’s free there, and download files in the SU format.
Since 2021, sketchup does not have a version lock, meaning you can (and already do) open 2023 files in a 2021 version.

it’s actually what the 3d warehouse does in your SU, it opens a chromium webpage, goes to the warehouse, downloads the component and places it in your file.
but since the chromium versions is getting old and deprecated, you’ll have to do it in your own up-to-date (I hope) browser :wink:

same for the extension warehouse.

Excellent. Thank you for the quick reply!

Go to the website. That will still work. Download whatever you like. They likely wont be in 2021 format, so you’ll need a workaround to open them.

Edit - oh yeah, what @ateliernab said, newer editions all use same file format…

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Thank you for the advice!

well, for now… :smirk:

if you have a format issue, you can also use the collada. it’s pretty much the same thing :slight_smile: