Use of extensions and 3D warehouse in expired perpetual license?

With the change to subscription only, we’re looking at our options with our existing SketchUp Pro perpetual licenses, which are on maintenance. If maintenance lapses on those licenses, would the expired licenses still have access to extensions and the 3D warehouse? I know we can use SketchUp Pro itself because they are perpetual; I just want to make sure that the others pieces are still available.

Is there anything that I would lose access to once the perpetual licenses expire besides support and upgrades?

Currently the Extension and 3D Warehouses support back to SketchUp 2017. They don’t support earlier versions due to discontinued support from Windows and Apple for the old browsers and security issues. Assuming there’s no problem using Chromium in the future you should still be able to use them.

3D Warehouse

The need to be logged in when obtaining assets from the 3D Warehouse was introduced in version 2019.2
Currently, everyone has the same possibilities (Free users, Pro perpetual, Subscribers Shop,Pro and Studio)
That might change, there is no roeadmap.

If you bought an extension in the Extension Warehouse most likely it is perpetual, too.
There are subscription based extensions, but most likely they are obtained outside the Extension Warehouse.
I do not know the policy of those extensions or it’s compatability with older versions of SketchUp.

it is likely that Trimble will charge for access to the 3D warehouse in a few years, since the 3D warehouse was created by free contributions from users.

Most likely, it will stay Free. There is no reason to pay for all the content of ‘free contributors’ , most of it it useless.
More usefull content of manufacturers will also be free, because that’s what they want.
I am talking about orher options like aharing collections or folders within a company etc.

This is not sure. One day, you buy a perpetual license, and another day it is not.

Well, nothing is, really.

best to buy before 4 november.

That would be after 4 november

for the record, you buy the license, not the software…

… For the record, customers can stop paying a license

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Yes, you don’t have to pay twice for a classic license, that makes no sense.
So you bought a license (that included a one-year Maintenance plan) and then you could buy a M&S plan afterwards. You didn’t bought a new license, though, you bought a M&S plan.

And there is a third option. Buy another 3D program with better licence policy, or learn Blender that is powerful and free.