3D Warehouse will be disabled on this version of SketchUp on June 30, 2023

Hi all,
I have a Sketchup Pro 2020 license and now facing the message
3D Warehouse will be disabled on this version of SketchUp on June 30, 2023.
Extension Warehouse will be disabled on this version of SketchUp on Jun 30, 2023

This must be a joke and it is a bit shocking how 2020 (and probably before) license owner are excluded and pushed to a yearly subscription plan.

Has someone more information about how to access 3D warehouse and Extension warehouse resources after June 30?

Thanks for your feedback.
KR, Marcel

3d warehouse, extension warehouse, geolocation and login window use chromium. For security reasons, they don’t maintain them on older version of chromium, so they picked 3 years.

Welcome to capitalism, I’ll be your guide. Trimble is a company. As a company, their aim is to optimise their gains.
A few years ago, They decided to move from the classic licencing system to a subscription. Doing so allowed them to lower the technological maintenance. No urgency to maintain an old 2015 version, since people are supposed to use the last one anyway. It’s just like your phone, your computer’s os, and pretty much every pro software these days. I understand the anger, but please take it to Adobe’s forum, they started the trend.
Same way, older OS progressively loose support. you’re on a PC, si right now it’s 10 and 11, on a Mac with yearly version, it’s about 3-4 years of official compatibility. of course you can still install on older ones, but they won’t provide support and fixes for your issues.

in your browser. You’re discovering this now because you choose to stop at 2020, but the users that uses make 2017 have been in this situation for the past 3 years. And users of the last classic version, 2024, have been warned for the last few month already that they will face a similar situation in 2024

From your browser, you can still download a colada file, or a SU21+ (and use a free extension by eneroth to still open it in 2020.

So yeah, you can keep your license, and see functions become slowly obsolete and unfixed, or choose the subscription and be updated. That’s the whole pitch of the “software as a subscription” system.


Dear ateliernab,

first thanks for your feedback. I am quite aware that software hardware is under constant development.
Version 2020 Sketchup Pro works well for the things I do with the software.
Thanks a well for the hint about using the browser. I am curious to see when the dates comes what happens.

I also understand the point “capitalism” and I would not have a problem to pay for an upgrade to my permanent licenses, it is just anoying that both options can not exist in parallel.


Yeah, sorry for the direct tone in the first message, long morning.

My issue with this system is the absence of choice. there are softwares I would take as a subscription, other I would rather have a fixed licence, stuff I don’t use often, stuff where I don’t need constant updates (looking at you photoshop, my work process has been fine since 2010, no need to update stuff every two weeks)

The subscription model also raises issues when updates are underwhelming. In 2020, SU’s layers became tags. woop woop. at some point, photoshop obtained the tools to design apps while adobe also released a dedicated app. and mac os now works better with ipads, iwatches and icloud, none of witch I own / use. again, woop woop (you have to say it out loud in a cheerful yet sarcastic manner :wink: )

stuff simply stops working inside SU. A white / grey page instead, I think I remember seeing.

The 3d warehouse has evolved quite a lot recently, now you can have a preview of the object before downloading, and with SU free being a browser based tool, using the warehouse in browser is quite ok. I recommend installing eneroth’s extension so you can open more recent files than 2020 (or colada), but still, it’s ok.
Same for the extensions, it’ll add 2-3 steps, instead of using the warehouse in SU, you’ll use it in browser, download the package, and install it using the extension manager as if it came from any other source. Or use Sketchucation.

The real loss here is the geolocation tool. In the free version you can add a location but not the images / terrain. same in your case, you can type in coordinates, but you won’t get the photo / terrain anymore.
At this point, you’ll have to use outside tools, cadmapper (terrain + buildings, no photos), place maker, manual sources…

So it’ll really depend on your use of SU.

Personally, I don’t use the 3d warehouse a lot. from time to time, for inspiration, but I’ll probably redraw the stuff in my own way in the end. I’ve got my extensions, and I rarely need to install new ones, especially from the warehouse (if it’s both on the warehouse and sketchucation, I’ll pick the latter).
And the geolocation… I usually use a mix of cadmapper + cadastral dxf on top, Here in france, it’s either bad quality 3year old digital globe photos or medium quality 5-7 years old bing photos. Having google map on my second screen is more useful.

So if I were to be in your situation, I would be mostly ok. But you could as well use these 3 tools all the time. and in that case, I get it. it’s annoying.

Capitalism is no problem.

I will simply raise my rates again as I did when my insurance and office rent and price of transportation and supplies and food went up last year. I have a birthday coming up; raise my price again because I am more experienced.

It works as long as you can pass it on. Trimble passed it to us.

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Dear ateliermab,

could you share the name of the free eneroth extension mentioned by your self.

Thanks again to share your comprehensive thoughts with me, much appreciated.



since 2021, the file architecture has been changed, and there are no more (for now) compatibility issue. so you should be good for some time.

please call me nab, atelier was my father is the fancy name I took to make clients believe I’m not alone :smiley:

Thank nab for your great input.
Best Marcel