Access to 3D Warehouse

Please tell me what gives Trimble the right to change the terms of the perpetual license agreement and discontinue access by the user (me) to 3D Warehouse. Some users don’t want or need to start a subscription program and forcing perpetual users to do so by cutting out 3D Warehouse access doesn’t appear as a right in the original license agreement and I don’t see anything giving Trimble the right to change it.

They didn’t change the terms of the agreement for the perpetual license to SketchUp. That license never included perpetual access to web based services like the 3D Warehouse. Trimble does own the 3D Warehouse so I guess they have the right to do what they see fit anyway.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

ETA: I understood you to mean that you can’t access the 3D Warehouse within the old version of SketchUp you are using. As the others have said, you can access the 3D Warehouse via your web browser so they haven’t removed access for you entirely.

you still have access.

if they had decided that ONLY subscription could access it, then maybe a breach, maybe.

But you still have access. even the free users have access. in browser, not inside sketchup, but still, free access.
The only difference is that the old chromium engine in Sketchup21 is not supported.
Fun fact, websites like netflix only support browsers for about 2 years. The 3d warehouse support them for more than 3 years.

more about it here

You can still access the Warehouse via web (like anyone can, user or not)

They are cutting off the in built access due to deprecation of certain web technologies.