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I’m sad because I cant anymore access 3D WAREHOUSE, IS AN INJUSTICE, I PAYED A LOT IN THIS PROGRAM

okay. you’re using 2020

did you know that if you paid A LOT for sketchup more than 3 years ago you could still access the 3d warehouse for free in your browser ? and download files either as collada or skp (and open them in SU2020 using an extension)

please realise that yelling on an user forum will not help you get answers, solutions, or any sympathy.

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It’s still available on the web. There are many, many comments and instructions on this forum, mostly by @DaveR on how to access it and download. I am still using Make 2017 and can get models easily. A little research would have given you the answer!

Since I was pinged in this thread I’ll just add that you paid for a Classic license for SketchUp 2020. That does not include a perpetual license for the web-based services including the 3D Warehouse. This is spelled out in the Terms of Use and in the “Current Minus Two” policy which has been in place for nearly 10 years. There is no injustice being done to you. In addition you would have received an e-mail months ago alerting you to this change.

As @Guido wrote, I’ve described many times how users can get 3D Warehouse content for old-unsupported versions of SketchUp. You can find that in a simple forum search so I won’t bother to write it yet again. Currently when I look at the 3D Warehouse in my browser I see that 2020 versions of components are still available for download.
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By the way, it was nice of you to remove the all caps title but your current choice of title doesn’t really do anything useful.
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