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Hello everybody!
I am using SketchUp Make 2016, so I want to download things from the 3D Warehouse, but the only options for downloading are 2019 (sometimes), 2018, 2017 and KMZ. I also checked other models on the warehouse and I only get those options.

Why can’t I just download the 2016 version of the files from the 3D warehouse?

I am using the newest version of Firefox to browse the 3D warehouse, if that matters.

Several threads on this topic already. Support in the Warehouse is for the last three versions of SketchUp.

So I have to update if I want to continue using the warehouse?
A few weeks before, there were all sorts of versions of the files for download. Why this change?? ;-(

It takes time for updates to get done and propagate. SketchUp 2019 is out so three versions: 2019, 2018, and 2017.

So what will be the last “non-cloud-based” and free SketchUp that will be supportet? That would be 2018, right?

No. The last version of SketchUp Make is 2017 which is still free for non-commercial use.

So I have to get Sketchup Make 2017, go to the 3D warehouse and download all the things I think i will ever need before the next version of SketchUp comes out (because then I would be forced to use this colud-stuff to use the warehouse), right?

What’s wrong with updating to SU2017?

And you could make the components yourself.

If someone puts it online for free, it should be used for free, but that’s my opinion.

I just don’t see the point. SU16 does all I need.
We can’t just have nice things, no we need to change them and update them …
But whatever …

As far as I see it, this cloud-based stuff only makes it harder to work ofline. I just want to put all the programs I need on a PC, then disconnect that PC from the net and work completly offline. Just feels a bit more safe …
Maybe I’m a bit too paranoid and scared, but creating a strong dependence is one of the first steps towards enslavement …
And I don’t want to be FORCED to buy this program which used to be free until someone took its useability away …
Don’t get me wrong, paying for software is right, if it does something useful…

Sorry for the long and pointless reply …

Actually it doesn’t anymore. It’s outdated. Read Barry’s remarks in the thread I linked to in my first reply.

You aren’t being forced to buy anything. As long as you are using it for hobbyist stuff, you can keep using 2016 if you want or 2017 Make. And if you can’t get what you want out of the 3D Warehouse, model it yourself.

Things are as they are. Time moves on.

I know, it’s just so hard to accept the fact that everything is changing, and most things are getting worse (only $ matters, sadly)
It’s just so hard to see all of these bad things and you can’t do anything against it …
I know it’s not your problem I think I will stop here, you’re not my therapist after all :wink:

Good day to you and thank you for answering! :blue_heart:

Oho! What’s this?
[clicks link]
Thank you very much! This made me feel a little bit less angry and upset with this situation. Thank you very very much!! :grinning: :blue_heart:

You’re welcome!

You should say thanks to Christina!
I just linked it, actually 3rd time within one day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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