Looking for developer to create plugin

I am looking for a developer to create me a plugin for sketch up based around scaffolding if anyone is able and will to be involved in this project then please contact me.


I haven’t tried it but look in the Extension Warehouse -DDS scaffolding (echafaudage) . There’s a video tutorial also…

hi rodman
the plugin looks good did david develop this ? I am wanting something like this but different do you know anyone that could assist or give me a price estimate on the cost to create the plugin

Sorry Mike, I don’t know the developer or the plugin, it was just an extension I came across last week while browsing.

There is also Scaffmax. The user can choose from a variety of different manufacturers to build their models. You will want to see if they any US libraries.


Can you develop plugins ? IL check it out…who is creating these

I added a link to the Scaffmax website in my original post. The development team for this extension is associated with the SketchUp reseller in Germany.

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thanks but that was just you tube

the problem I have is that these plugins or extensions are not what im looking for in the terms of what they do I need something tailor made

Take a look at this link

In French only

I’m not able to offer a quote, nor do I have the skills to code this in Ruby, but to get any meaningful estimate of effort, time and cost you need to supply more information about what you want the plugin to do for you.

For example:

  • calculate spacing for a given building shape and size
  • space upright , horizontal, and bracing scaffold poles, and draw them in position
  • add appriately detailed but low-poly representation of jointing clamps and other fittings
  • calculate Max loadings on key poles and fittings, to avoid collapse or buckling failure
  • offer (how many?) different styles of layout for the scaffolding
  • include detailing of boarding, safety railings, footboards, access ladders, hoists, etc.

Plus probably other things a professional scaffold builder would know to ask for that as a lay person I don’t even know to ask about…

That’s OK I’m a scaffolding specialist so I know what I’m looking for in the plugin if someone is interested IL gladly go through the requirements.

No problem I can go through the requirement with anyone who wants a go. I paid someone to develop me a plugin AutoCAD which worked fine but did not get completed . I’m a scaffolding specialist and would gladly go through the requirements with anyone who wants to undertake the task. AutoCAD was 2d what I need is something in 3d

On Sat, 11 Mar 2017 at 10:01 p.m., Mick Dentonmickdenton06@yahoo.co.uk wrote: That’s OK I’m a scaffolding specialist so I know what I’m looking for in the plugin if someone is interested IL gladly go through the requirements.

I’d be interested in knowing more about your requirements and of course your time frame. Then I can get an idea of how long it will take and if I can realistically meet your expectations.


please can you send me your email address - basically it will involve a pallet with scaffolding items which i can drag and drop to construct various types of scaffold.


Here is my email.


hi gary - there is no email visible


What about PlusSpec or Estimator plugins?

What’s plus spec