Idea for a plugin

I am looking for a seedy bar on the other side of the tracks where all of sketchup plugin developers hang out. I have an idea for a plugin, but I don’t have the expertise to make it happen.

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I think you made it to the seedy bar. Just hang around awhile and someone who can help is sure to wander in. Offer to buy them a drink but not one of those ones with an umbrella. :smiley:

LOL! Will do!

What’s your idea? You can PM me if you don’t want to post it here.

Aw come on, we all wanna know!

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design and build theatrical scenery and am thinking about a plugin that would hep me create construction drawings for Walls, Platforms, stairs etc.

The plugin would do the following things:
· Wall framing with user selectable:
o Height
o Width
o Framing materials ie, 1x4, x6, etc (note…most if not all theatrical construction is done with 1x material)
o Covering, ie, sheet material, soft material
o Ability to drop in openings for doors and windows
o Ideally able to produce a cut list for each wall

· Platform framing
o Frame and deck a standard platform with user definable specs, framing type, interval, deck type
o Ability to create odd sized decks

· Stair creation
o Variable stringer materials
o Variable stringer numbers
o Variable tread materials
o Variable Stair rise and run




There are already quite a few stair extensions.

Also some wall framing plugins (look under BIM) some may be pay.

There is already several Cutlist extensions.

And SketchUp components can be set to “cuts opening”.
(Most window and door components are set thus. They do not actually create a hole with edges in the wall geometry, instead it is a visual rendering trick.)

Also some of these things can be done with Dynamic Components. Check out the 3D Warehouse, and the Components Sampler (from the Components panel,) there is a sample floor framing component.

Thanks Dan! Will do!

Here are some Dynamic Component Steeldeck rostra, which I adapted slightly (with his prior agreement) from the ones by Rory on the 3D warehouse. Mine allow typing in the height you want, his had a pick list with metric-equivalent of imperial sizes.

Sizes are in feet.

Steeldeck DC 6x3.skp (159.5 KB)
Steeldeck DC 4x4.skp (136.7 KB)
Steeldeck DC 8x3.skp (170.3 KB)
Steeldeck DC 3x3.skp (148.3 KB)
Steeldeck DC 8x3’3.skp (176.6 KB)
Steeldeck DC 8x4.skp (167.9 KB)
Studio seating guard rail 3ft.skp (90.0 KB)

And a staircase, with optional risers and banister rails.

Stairs DC.skp (257.5 KB)

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