Custom Developer - Deck Building

Want to create custom plugin for deck building.

I want to draw a perimeter of a deck then have all the structual components to be automatically shown. (Joists and Bearers, perimeter joists )

Then have a takeoff list of each length beams length.

Can someone create this?

Are you looking to pay someone to do custom development for you?

Hi Aaron. Yes I am

Ok. I moved this into the collaborative and commercial work section of the forum. You may want to describe exactly what you are lookong for and have details like timeline and budget ready for interested developers.

Thanks , yes I have the budget and exactly the outcome I need in mind. Just need to find the right person who can do it

Have you talked to Medeek Design?
They already have the sort of thing you are asking about for walls, trusses, etc. They might be interested in expanding their tool set to include decks.

Thanks egodsey

I’ll check them out

I’d like to show you a Dynamic Component I made for Decks/Docks. Might be what you’re looking for.


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Have a look at Deck Builder, it may already do what you’re looking for.

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Hi Nino

Thanks, can that do not standard shapes? E.g. not just rectangles?

Is there any scope to further develop this?

Hi Kenny

It’s close but I would need some modification to suit our products need.

Irregular perimeters by definition will require Custom Assemblies. For example, Joist Orientation will probably need Transfer Girders and such.

A DC cannot predict Column placement/spacing on Irregular perimeters.


Hello Nathan –

We can help you develop a fully custom Sketchup extension that does what you describe.

Yesterday, I sent you a private message on this forum.

To find the message, click on your profile circle in the upper right corner.