Deck Frame Builder - Aluminium

Hi, We are a aluminium deck frame manufacturer.

We have 1x joist and 1x bearer and about 4 other brackets to make the simple frame ( can also be made on angles )

Im wanting to use Sketchup to draw out the customers deck area then layout the joists and bearers accordingly. To provide an accurate quote I need to measure each bearer and Joist.

Is there an easy way to identify the length of each member indivdually? like a cutlist

Eg Joist 1 = 2456mm , Joist 2 = 2359mm and so on?

Is there a faster way to automate this process?


If you use components you could use a cutlist extension or you could use Report Generator in the FIle menu. My preference would be to use CutList 4.1 from the Extension Warehouse because of the way it will arrange the dimensions. It’s designed for wood but there’s no reason it couldn’t be used for your aluminum parts.

The names you give the components will be shown in the list.

Thanks Dave, Ill check it out