Developer for Cutlist generator for aluminum/metal framework

Hi all. I’m looking for someone to create an extension that can create a CSV report from a metal frame that has multiple bars at different lengths with 90° cut ends as well as angled cut ends. For example I might have a few 1"x1" aluminum bars that are 86" long with 90° cuts on the ends, and a 1"x2" bar that is 120" long with 45° cuts on the ends. I would like a report to be generated that shows the quantity of each identical bar, type of bar (1"x1" or 1"x2"), length of bar, angle cut on each end, and then a question for me to answer of whether it should be .125" wall tubing or .063" wall tubing.

I’m hoping someone can help me create this, and I’m sure it would be valuable for lots of other people in the metal fabrication business as well.

Thanks so much.

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I moved this to a new category, “Commercial and Collaborative Work”, where it may elicit more responses.

Also you should indicate whether you are willing to pay for this service because those users with the capability to assist you may be more inclined to help.

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I might be able to help you but only if you are willing to hire me. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do it for free. - Tom

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one method would be, to use a series of Dynamic components based on a common template, such they can be swapped. Then use a simple ruby script based on the line example to help with placement and another to simplify (explode, outer shell, inner subs) so only one level with data is left . Then use the inbuilt report writer to excel, then VBA to sort to a customized list


Tom, What would you charge for this type of extension?

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I wrote a plugin like that for a company once, but your model needs to be constructed out of descreet components, i.e. 1"x1"x8’ H at 7800kg/m3 would be a component: H_1_1_96.skp with material Steel_7800. If you can use the scale tool (i.e. H profile) than H_1_1.skp (generic 1"X1"H) component can be used for any length. Grouping and nesting of components are no problem, output in CSV ready for excel including column for mass (metric), regards, Nikolas

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I sent you a private message.

  • Tom

How did your project workout? I design signs and awning frames using 1x1, 1x2, ect and aluminum flat sheets. I already created all the components with sku numbers ect. While I can generate a total length report for each components, I cannot make a cut list or calculate the flat stock material.

Hi Tom, I couldn’t seem to find out how to message you directly -
I’m after a cutlist generator the similar to this.
Can we discuss?

open cut list is now able to generate a dimensional lumbers list and the cutting diagram of this list

Yes i have looked at open cut list - this is the output i’m looking for.

FWIW the current cutlist extensions report the dimensions of the group/component bounding box and those bounding boxes are always rectangular prisms so things like miter angles cut on the ends are not recognized.

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