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we are a company located in Northern Italy that produces industrial electronics and we have recently developed a new line of electro-medical products; to support the sales office we have created a sort of configurator with the SketchUp software, creating a library of predefined components that the operator imports into the drawing to build the finished device and from this, using the “Generate report” command, a draft bill of material of the necessary components and the working cycles is released

Now we need something similar to create the bill for the internal wiring of these products but the method we have used up to now (i.e. the creation of finished objects to be imported into the drawing) is too complex and inflexible for this. type of application; we think that the best solution to our problem is to have a developer create a Ruby extension for SketchUp created specifically for this purpose, so that the operator, by also entering a series of data and variables, can create the cables that connect the various electrical components.

What interests us is not the graphic aspect, all the wiring is closed inside the device and is useless to be represented graphically, but it is the possibility of generating the lists we need, with the quantifications and lengths of the individual cables.

For these reasons we are looking for a freelance developer to contact who has the necessary skills to be able to create what we need to help us in this task.

Thank you all

Hi @Andrea_Lomar ,

Let’s get in touch. During the passed 10 years I have developed dozens of custom extensions for companies all over the world. Many of those extensions contain a reporting functionality.

I would be happy to show you some projects I have worked on during a conference call.

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Thanks @kengey

I sent you a PM.