Idea for a extension, I need some help

first of all thank you for your attention and time.

My name is Bas ter Veen and I work a lot with Sketchup. I use this to make technical drawings for events, in 3D and 2D. I use many of the same components that I made or received from them.

Well I stumbled upon something, I saw something that I would really like to be able to do in SketchUp.

It goes like this. You select a component that you want to use several times in a row. think of a fence, for example. You then place this one, the next one will automatically go against the object and you determine the direction with your mouse. if you click you have placed the component and place the next one. and so forth.

watch the videos I made.

is it possible that someone can help me with this, with making an extension?

If so then I’m super happy. I had an idea before for an extension, which is also in the warehouse. that’s called Quick Copy. this extension has helped my workflow immensely. The person who made it gets to keep all the income.

I also want to discuss this with the person who can help me. you make the extension, I can use it for free and if you sell something in the warehouse, that’s all for you!

I hope someone can help me!

Take a look at the Component Stringer extension (on the SketchUcation site) by Chris Fullmer. I haven’t used it, but it may do what you want. (If you have not used SketchUcation before, you need to do a free registration before downloading any extensions listed on their site.)

Hi TDalh,

Thank you for your massage.

only this isn’t quite what I mean.

anyway thanks for responding.

Checkout Profile Builder:

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hi mike

thanks for your message.

this isn’t really what i mean either. Follow along path is great. only this isn’t really my workflow.

in addition, I would like to be able to place the components with the mouse as you can see in the video.

thanks for the effort anyway :+1:

What an unmissable offer! :wink:

:thinking:So, in exchange for the idea (which you apparently peeked at from someone else) you want to use someone’s work for free…
Smart! :slight_smile:

Luckily, you allow her/him to sell it to someone else, and at least you will not take her/his money. :wink:

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“ de cost gaet voor de baet uyt…”

Hi Dezmo,

thanks for your message.

Sorry if it comes across that way, that was not the intention. When I saw this I immediately thought why doesn’t sketchup have.

So that’s why I’m asking if anyone can build this.

I have no intention of making money from this when I don’t know how to make it.

I’d really like to use this in sketchup to improve my workflow and create faster technical drawings.

I therefore grant all proceeds to the builder who wants to make it. because that takes a lot of time.

Thanks Mike :+1: