Need advice for modeling deck framing



I am trying to draw a deck with a 2x6 frame 5/4x6 decking and 4x4 legs! I can draw the frame easy but when it comes to placing my legs and decking boards I am having a hard time with getting them to snap to the right location! One example is when I lay my 5/4 over the frame it’s hard to get the decking boards sitting on top the 2x6s! Any one have any advice on a easy way to do this?


The Move tool is pretty sensitive in the way it behaves and listens to where you are in the model and where you are looking at ( camera position, direction and distance ) Point is, SketchUp knows this exactly ( computer ) , but the user is often lost. Try orbiting around, ( push scrollwheel ) zoom ( scrollwheel ) and make that a habit of yours. Most off the time when this ‘happens’ , you’ve zoomed in to far or the object which you move is in front of you. It helps if you toggle the face-style view to X-ray , letting SU know that you want to see through. Toggle back when done.


As @MikeWayzovski suggested.
And since the parts (I hope you made different components for frame, decking and legs) repeat themselves at regular intervals, you only need to exactly place one or two. Then use Move/Copy to let SketchUp do your work. Taken that the Deck isn’t an irregular/odd shape.


You got great advice from @MikeWayzovski and from @Wo3Dan, but your request is typically best served when you include the subject skp file along with the question!

When you want to upload a file, click on the up arrow (7th icon from the left at the top of the reply box).


Thanks for the replies! Maybe it’s just me but I just thought there might be a way to adjust the snap feature! Make it grab a little harder! But I will keep practicing and try to get better


One thing to be aware of, make sure you grab your object by a relevant point to make it easier to place things.
Here you see I grab the board by the corner, click and release to attach it, the it snaps to the corner of the joist, with a click and release to place it.


I did not realize that I have been just grabbing where ever!


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