Pole Building problems new to sketchup

I am currently trying to create the frameing of a pole building using Sketchup. I managed to create the 6"x6" posts and spaced them correctly. I made one post and made it a component. I then just copied and moved each post off that one to create the size of my building. My issue comes when trying to attach girts/ boards to the outside of the posts. I searched and found already made lumber the sizes that I need. I then tried to move them and attach them to the outside of the post where I need them. Every time I get the board close to the posts the posts override the board. I hope this makes sense. I am at work now so I can’t make a video or take a picture to show what I mean. If it is to confusing to understand I can get a few screenshot when I get home.

Part of your problem probably comes from where you are grabbing the component with the Move tool. You’ll find it much easier to move components into place if you grab the component by a corner that will meet a corner on a component at the destination.

Frankly, the dimensions of the boards are easy enough to draw with the Rectangle tool, that I would just draw the girts from scratch. Draw the first one in place on the posts using the posts as a reference for the dimensions. Then make it a component and copy it up the wall with the desired spacing. That will save you a lot of trouble moving things into place.

You are doing it correctly with replicating a component, I assume the issue is that you cannot place the board in exactly the right place onto the posts because the board becomes recessed into the post and the top surface become flush with the outside surface of the post.
Create a board as a component but give it a width so it is a 3 dimensional object in its own right. Working on the outside of one of the posts draw a line to align with where the edge of the board will go and another where the bottom will go, you can use absolute dimensions, guides, centre points whatever… Now you can position your board, it will still go to the wrong place but you can use the move tool to move it as a complete component to the correct spot by finding the right zoom, rotate view etc. Once done you can use CTRL move to replicate it once and then type in 20x (whatever) to board the entire wall. Delete the temp two positional lines.
Its a good exercise because with 6" posts it makes you think what to do with the 3" you have to sort out in the corners!

Thanks for the quick replies. I will try what yins are suggesting when I get home from work.

That are quite possibly 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"… Stuff to think about for sure.
Also in some cases a story pole can be useful for this type work. I’d recommend laying out from the top down to allow for possible sloping grades.


I have been using actual lumber dimensions such as 5.5"x5.5" for the 6"x6" posts. I forgot to mention that earlier. I am hoping to get an accurate material list by designing the building on sketchup first.

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