How to put a leg board exactly where I want it?

Hello, I am making a bench. I have the seat slats drawn. I have the legs drawn and attached to the seat slats properly, except that the legs are not seated evenly on the ground. I am measuring 20 and some inches from the ground to the top of the seat slats, and don’t know how to fix that. I have tried using the measuring tape to resize from a point, and just type in the measurement, but it’s not working. I’ve tried painstakingly moving the board up and down with the “move/copy” tool, and that doesn’t work.
What am I doing wrong?


From your word description it isn’t clear what is wrong. A lot of simple possibilities…

Could you post your model here?

Try this, use the move tool and start move then type [,0]. This moves the point have selected to 0 and leaves the x,y values as they are. The indicates absolute move. So it should just move straight down to ground.

I suspect you simply need to go over the basics of Move tool operation. Since you haven’t told us exactly how you “painstakingly” tried to move the board, it’s impossible to say what you’re doing wrong.


Would the ground be the red axis by any chance? My legs are going under that. I did start the move of the leg along the blue axis and typed in 0, but still not sure where the ground is…then I measured from the base of the boards to the end of the board, and they are still all uneven.

I don’t know where to upload a pic of my model here…

The upload or attach button is the one seventh from the left at the top of the message box when you are typing. Or simply drag the image into the message box, or use ctrl+g browse to the image file, or model.

Typing 0 doesn’t help, typing exactly what was written above does…[,0] and hit enter.
Watch the measurement box to see the typing. I click and release on the corner of the box, this sticks the box to the cursor at that point, I type and hit enter and that corner moves to the ground.

Hard thing to do I know but follow direction??

Daybed.skp (23.8 KB)

It seemed to work for the front legs that [,0], but not for the back legs…I’m not sure if I uploaded the file right, I can’t see it…lol…

There are no special issues in your model, you just need to learn how to use the move tool correctly. For example, here’s aligning one leg with another using the move tool, locking motion to vertical (press up arrow), and clicking on the inference tip on the other leg.

slbaumgartner, that worked!! Thank you so much…:slight_smile:

How do I move the bench slats 20" up from the bottom? I started moving it straight up with the arrow pressed, entered 20", and it moved up close to the top, which was not 20" from the bottom. 0" puts the slats in the middle of the legs, I don’t understand that.

You started right, but a bare value typed in is taken as a relative distance to move, not as an absolute position. To set it to 20" absolute, start the move and then type [,20]. This type of absolute positioning requires a full trio of values, but blanks imply “use the current value” - as here keeping the x and y while setting z=20.

PS: the location you clicked to start the move is what will be positioned at 20", so make sure you clicked on the top edge of the slats. That may be what was messing up your attempts to absolute position the legs: did you start the move by clicking somewhere in the middle of a leg?

That worked! Thanks again…:)! Wow sketchup sure is complicated, hahaha!