How to draw Solid floor

I downloaded Sketchup just two days ago and I’ve already draw my home.
Sketchup is a very simple tool, but I still has a little problem, If I download furniture it usually sticks some cms under the floor.
Is there any way to build “solid” floors, so not to have my chairs to “sink” in them?


That’s like parking your car by driving it into the back wall of your garage.

It would probably be a better idea for you to learn how to use the Move tool correctly. Once you know how it works, you can place any point exactly on any other point. In a nutshell, you grab an object (with the Move tool) by a particular point you want to use to position the object and then place that point exactly on another point that is the target–in your case, say a point on the floor.


Here’s just what you need @mbarvigor

Move Tool

Thank you very much, it is exactly what I needed.
Forgive my ignorance, but I started using sketchup last monday night :smiley:


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