Walls created using the push/pull tools are not solid

I am relatively new to sketchup (used to use it years ago on a more frequent basis). I am trying to create my floor plan for me new home using my old google sketchup installation. It looks like I have forgotten a bit too much… All walls I create are not solid :frowning:

I have tried to follow the typical howto’s on youtube but still run into this issue. Any hint, how to get this done the right way?

Kind regards,

If you pushpull the wall face with the connected floor face, you can use the Ctrl key to create the wall with the missing bottom face. Or you can make a group/component from the wall face and do the pushpull in that group.

If you don’t want the floors to be separate from the walls like @Cotty sugests, you could make the floor 3D before outlining the walls. Just draw the exterior outline and extrude the face by a foot or whatever is appropriate. Then outline the walls on top of it and pull them up.