Can't get a solid object after Push Pull

Hi there,
I’m relatively new to SketchUp and struggling to understand how the Solid property works.
When I am creating a rectangle, puhpulling the rectangle, triple click and make a Group, then the group is a Solid. So far all good.
When I try to do the exact same thing not with a rectangle but with the profile of the room I’m trying to build, I can push pull, I can group, but it seems what I get is never “Solid”.
This is very annoying as I need to have it solid to use some solid tools (substract) for some special openings in my wall…

Can someone point me to directions how to fix?
(uploaded my files in case…)

Thanks a lot!

02%20AMkitchen-v2.skp (99.6 KB)

Can’t look at your model just now, but I’m going to guess the edge across the gap is your issue, remove it and it should be solid.

I was going to guess the same thing Box did but it turned out there’s a couple of stray edges. a little sloppy drawing on those corners.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make which doesn’t have Solid Tools. If you’ve upgraded to pro, please update your profile.

Thanks to both of you @DaveR and @Box, am still very new and then discovered the Solid Inspector tool… and found those sloppy corners… no idea how this happened but I fixed it!

I have not upgraded yet, I am evaluating the difference between Pro and Make trying to do a few small things.
Then may be I’ll upgrade to design my new house interior :slight_smile: very tempting but a bit of money for an individual…

Hi, I’m facing the same problem, can I know how you fix it?

Since you’re using a web based version according to your profile, you can’t use solid inspector, you should check if there are stray edges, hidden geometry or missing faces. If you share your file it would be easier to detect the problem.

Post your model so that someone can inspect it.