I am new to Sketchup but my push/pull tool will extrude a face but the resulting 3d form is not a solid. What am I doing wrong?



Whenever I try to union or intersect or any other modifier I get the mssg Not a solid. What is the problem/ Is it maybe a program bug or am I just stupid?


It could be several things, without a model or at least a screen shot we can only guess.
My first guess would be that you haven’t made your shape a group or component. Shapes only become Solid once wrapped as a group or component.


Being new to SketchUp, it is more likely you are just misinformed.

For some reason, most new users are not aware that there is an online User Guide, that is there for the reading.

Also if you have the Instructor panel open while you use tools, you’ll see quick help content (often with animated images,) that usually contain “More Information” links at the bottom that lead into the user guide. (The links will open in your default web browser.)


Thanks Dan! Learning resumes!