Issue: Group not solid anymore when extruding with a new starting face

Dear SketchUp Community,

I’m an absolute beginner in SketchUp, started only a couple of days ago. Please excuse what’s potentially a pretty naiv question.

So, I’ve been working on this model of a Parking Garage and ran into the following problem: I’ve been using the Push/Pull Tool on Solid Groups (Walls) and used the option key to create a new starting face for each level of the building. I wanted to edit the resulting walls with the Solid Tools to create openings for windows and doors, but apparently the wall groups aren’t solids anymore. Is there a way to make those wall groups solid again or make them individual groups for each level of the building (from each new starting face onward?).

I felt like I was getting stuck and I’ll have to present something tomorrow. It’s just a student project, but still… :wink:

Jonas_Parkhouse Green 3D.skp (275.8 KB)

I would really appreciate your help,


Start from here: and learn about Tags, Groups and Components.
It will be easier for you to work if you keep all your raw geometry (edges, faces) as Unttaged, and tag Groups.

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@Jonas, a SketchUp Solid is a group or component which contains faces and edges that together form just a closed shell with nothing inside, nor outside.
Your extruded wall contains an inner horizontal face, the one that was left behind from the extrusion.

How to get a separate wall2 group for the next level:

  • inside wall1 group copy top face to clipboard
  • again outside wall1 group paste in place the top face from clipboard and immediately group this face as (say) wall2 group.
  • enter wall2 group and extrude to height.
  • close wall2 group.
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If you can use extensions, I strongly recommend getting Solid Inspector. It tells you if a shape is a solid, identifies where it fails, and is often able to correct defects. Lifesaver.

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Thanks so much, this is more than I could have asked for, absolutely illuminating!
I will definitely go back and take those basic courses. For my project I just had to jump in quickly and learn along the way (and learn with the help of this community)

Will do, thanks a lot!

Thanks for putting it this clearly!

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