Solid Group status changes

I have created an object that returns “Solid Group” in Enity Info.
If the file is saved, then another drawing is opened, if I reopen the original drawing, the Enity Info now reports “Group” not solid group. The same thing happens if I close SketchUp and reopen it.
The Solid Group status can be restored by:
Edit Group
Solid Inspector
Make Group

Since I’m new to SketchUp and just don’t understand why some groups don’t print on my DiVinci XYZ, issues like this may or may not be contributing.
I would really like to know why the design is no longer considered Solid.
My operating system is Windows 7.
SketchUp is version 14.1.1282, not the pro version

Perhaps there are conflicts in your model and the checkbox for correct them automatically is checked in the preferences.

I have run Solid Inspector, Cleanup3 and Label Open Faces and no errors are reported. But I am new to this so there might be something else I should check. I am getting the Solid Group status.

In preferences, Automatically fix problems when they are found was not checked. That is now set and the problem still exists.

I just found that if you leave the Entity Info window open, and select Edit Group, the Solid Group status returns after selecting the object.

Is it a model you are allowed to share?

baseTest5b.skp (52.4 KB)

My mistake, baseTest5b does not have that problem. I’m adding 5d that does have the problem.

baseTest5d.skp (48.3 KB)

Your highest level group has the same geometry grouped again inside, as a nested group.
In other words: the solid group is wrapped in a new group which can’t be solid.

A solid can only have basic geometry inside.

p.s. work with only white (front) faces on the outside of the shape that is going to be grouped to get a solid.

Wo3Dan, thanks for your reply, but it’s over my head. How did you detect the nested group?

I did try to set all the outside surfaces white but that did not tell me anything new.

Wo3Dan, following up on what you wrote I have found several faces and several edges that were duplicated and they have been eliminated. I believe there are still problems with this object, can you take a look and tell me if you see anything more that could be a problem.

baseTest5e.skp (56.2 KB)

And, thanks for your help!

If I may sneak in here with a response, you’ve still got three levels of nested groups; that is, the actual solid group is contained within another group, and that group is contained within yet another.

Discovering this was no more difficult than entering the context of the outermost group and then clicking on something. At that point, if the whole thing gets selected inside a bounding box, you know it’s another group or component. Eventually, you’ll hit raw geometry, which looks distinctive when selected. When you hit raw geometry, back up one level and what you click will be the solid. Everything above that can be exploded.

You can also use the Outliner to see an indentured list of the groups/components, but that might be overthinking it.


Thanks Gully,
I learned a lot from your email. Here is what I did, kinda following your comments.
I exploded the object twice and then saved that file. There were still about six faces that required deleting and recreating. Then everything was good and my printer seems happy for the first time in days.
Thank you very much.

What a great user’s group!

There are some reversed faces in your model.You need to fix them to be shore your 3d print will be ok.You can check and fix reversed faces with Susolid plugin.