Windows thru thick walls

Hi folks, I am following a neat tutorial, on how to make a window/door hole in a wall. (I tried import from 3D warehouse, but my windows were not “punching holes” in the walls.) How can I resolve this, and how can I determine if/when my model is not solid,? I’m newbie, btw any advice would be awesome, thank you, Craig

PS, error message reads," one or more of the selected objects is either not a solid or is locked, The non-solid/locked objects will be de-selected before this operation is performed.

You can use the push/pull tool.

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thank you! I am aware of this method, but wanted to see if I can also do an alternative, is there a way to make my objects solid, so if I want to use the tech, I can,? thank you in advance, CZ

also, just tried it, I am doing something wrong, I "push my rectangle al the way thru, and I doesn’t break off, it just creates a rect., that is stuck in the wall

just realized, that when I “push”, I need to see the little red sq, thanks for your time, CZ

I do not understand what you mean.

You need to bring the push / pull tool to the edge of the wall and release it.

I was referring to the error message that I received, when I tried to use the technique in the youtube. video, tools>solid tools>subtract, but I will move forward with the push -pull, thank you

this technique:

thank you ecati, I just didn’t know how/why my "grouped object "was not a solid, but I will start over anyway; since I am a beginner, the practice couldn’t hurt, thank you for your efforts!-CZ

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