Moving without following

In the drawing program I used previously (Ashlar Drawing Board) you moved an object by clicking on the start point (just like SU) and then clicking on the ending point. The object would then snap to the new location.

Is there a way to do this in SU? Sometimes, having the object following along is distracting.

No, in SketchUp the object always drags along when you move. You can snap to a desired end point or start a move in a desired direction and enter a precise distance in the VCB though.

Thanks. I’ll stop trying!

There is a option you can play with that may help you out. From Windows> go to >Preferences> Drawing selection. You can turn these on or off as you model and see if it makes it easier on you…Peace…

To move in a know position (Global Coordinates), press M shortcut, click on the start point then press [2;0;0], for example.

  • x;y;z = [Red;Green;Blue]

To move 2 meters from here: press M shortcut, click on the start point, move the mouse parallel into an axis desired (Red, Green or Blue), stop moving the mouse, press a number, 2 for example then hit Enter.

Thanks to all who have replied. I think I understand, and I’ll consider this topic closed.

I have another question, but I’ll open a new topic.