How to move around an object?


I’m a new user of SketchUp Pro. I’m used to draw things in PowerPoint and there you can move an object using arrow keys (shift-arrow or Ctrl-arrow) to adjust its position just a little. How can I do this in SketchUp? Where can I find the snap-settings etc?
Thanks in advance!



One word. Orbit. Click the command and you can turn it any way you want.



The snap settings are on the Units panel, of the ModelInfo dialog.


Sorry in SketchUp, the arrow keys for the MoveTool are axis constraint toggles. (Up/Down constrain to Z-axis, Right constrains to X-axis, and Left constrains to Y-axis.) Using the CNTRL key toggles between “move mode” and “copy mode”.

At this time, you could first pick the origin of displacement, then pick an axis using an arrow key, and type your small increment into the Measurements box.


Thanks a lot! Now I got it working, fine.



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