Move tool too abrupt

How do I make small, smooth movements with the move tool?

In which version of SketchUp? Your profile indicates you are using 2015 Make but you posted in the SketchUp for Web.

I’m using Sketchup for web.

Please update your profile so it is correct.

In Model Info you can turn off Length Snapping. That may help. Best is to type in the actual distance you want to move the entity. Or use inferencing to guide the movement.

Even after turning off length snapping and choosing 1/16th precision the object being moved jumps unpredictably without any control.

The Precision has nothing to do with moving or drawing. It only affects the display of dimensions.

What are you trying to move and how far are you trying to move it? Can you share the .skp file?

Trying to move rafters inches. Not sure how to share.

Are you entering the move distance? Are you using inferencing?

Download the file to your computer by clicking on the pancake menu at the top left corner and then Download. Once you have the file downloaded, drag it into your reply here on the forum.

2 Story 3D_3.skp (10.6 MB)

Are you trying to get the rafter that is out of position lined up? I started moving in one axis direction and then held Shift to lock it and then used Inferencing to align the point I grabbed with the corresponding point on the neighboring rafter. You can also use the cursor keys to lock the direction. Right for red, left for green and up for blue. The key is to grab the component by a corner that has some define place to be.

Do you know about making a linear array with Move/Copy?

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The shift tool is helping. Thanks. I need to practice using inferencing. I do not know about making a linear array.

Yes. That’s important.

I should have asked if you know about using Move/Copy first. Select the object, get the Move tool, hit Option to invoke the copy function. Move the first copy the desired distance (typing the distance is best), hit Enter and then x and the number of additional copies you want. I did it in the desktop version so I could bring the Measurements window up where it would show in my capture but the process is exactly the same in the web version.

Whoa! That’s so cool. That will help tons. Thanks!

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Check out the tutorials From Sketchup , there is a lot of good info. Also try Sketch Up On You Tube. Another site full of great tips and info.

Thanks, I’ll look at both.