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if there is any plugin to snap in sketchup and move objects same way like in 3dsmax?

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Use the move tool and select an appropriate vertex and move it to another appropriate vertex and it will snap to it.

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is not very precise if there is a way to see axis on the move tool the arrows Sketchup 2018
change pivot point?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? You posted in the SketchUp Pro forum but your profile indicates you are using SketchUp for Schools.

You don’t need a plugin to move entities in SketchUp. As Box wrote, the Move tool will do it natively. Spend some time learning how to use SketchUp’s tools. The Help files will be useful. You’ll also find it easier to use SketchUp if you stop expecting it to work exactly like 3DSMax

The Move tool can be precise if you use it correctly. There’s no need for arrows. The move direction is indicated by the line trailing the cursor.

I use both sketchup Pro at work and for teaching at school as well.
I see people struggles with the move tool. If I want to move precise in 10 inches distance is that possible and snap into grid?

You see people who haven’t learned how to use the Move tool struggle with it. I see people struggling to ride their bicycle, too. Once they learn how to do it, the struggle is gone.

Yes. It’s possible. Start moving the selection in the desired direction. Then let go of the mouse and type 10. Hit Enter. The selection will have moved 10 inches if that’s the units you’ve selected.

You can enable grid snapping but I find it easier to just enter the move distance instead.

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Read and watch the video:

Go to Window > Model Info > Units > Enable Length Snapping > Set distance to 10"

This doesn’t create a grid, but when you draw a line, it’ll increase and decrease in increments of 10". Personally, I set my length snapping to a half foot, so I can draw freely with my dimensions automatically rounded to the nearest 6". You can still type in critical dimensions whenever you want. I find this very useful.

I think you are referring to a gumball/transform gizmo. I started making an extension for that but didn’t finish it as there was other functionality I needed more urgently. In most cases the native SketchUp tools work better, IMO, than gumballs.

You can move just as precisely with SketchUp Move tool as you can in any other program. Just grab the object, start move it, type the distance and press Enter.


Or, for an exact 3D move, start the move than then type either <x,y,z> for a relative distance or [x,y,z] for an absolute location (use ; instead of comma if your locale uses , as the decimal point).

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Hello, @eneroth3 !
The gumball/transform gizmo extension will be for groups and components? Will it have the functions: move, rotate, scale and modify the pivot, similar to the one in 3ds Max?
I consider it will be one of the most important extensions, at least for me.

It would be so good to have a built-in gizmo when the place component tool is active (with a component instance attached to the cursor.)

If the component is attached to the mouse cursor you wouldn’t be able to click any of these controls as the gumball would just move with the mouse. Some way of controlling rotation while placing would make sense but I don’t know how. Maybe click to place but then hold down and move the mouse to set the red axis direction? Just an idea.

If gumballs are added though I think it should be as a separate tool, not specifically for place component and then never return anywhere else.

I stopped working on the extension as there were other extensions I needed more in my own workflow. Perhaps I’ll take it up again if I find the time. It is worth mentioning though that nearly everything that can be done with a gumball can be done with the native tools. There are just a few special cases like mirroring in a custom plane that aren’r supported with native tools.

eneroth3, it’s true that you can use the standard tools in SketchUp in modeling a lot of things, but with this tool it will easing work, especially in creating the vegetation and perhaps in other areas. There would be no need to use Blender to create plants.

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