Nudging Objects Using Keyboard & Snap to ...?

Would like to learn if there’s a way to ‘nudge’ selected objects/groups/components in Sk_up Pro in order to accurately position…?

Also, seem to be having trouble placing some objects/components/groups where needed - feel as though the objects are magnetically attracted to some invisible grid or hidden layer – how best to position exactly where needed without having to plug dimension(s) into the measurement box…?

Thanks, CFa341

There isn’t a “nudge” setting in SketchUp but you should be able to move entities into place accurately using the Move tool. The key is to grab the moving entity by a point that you’ll place to correspond to a point at the destination.

If there was a nudge option it would have to operate at some stepped interval and it would be much more difficult to precisely place entities relative to others.

If you have Length Snapping enabled in Window>Model Info>Units, you could get that invisible grid feeling. I would recommend turning length snapping off.

– thanks much for tips. craig f

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