Deficiencies in SketchUp pro 'Move' tool! I'm working on a Mac

Is there a reliable way to accurately move an object in the current version of SketchUp pro? Tutorials online show the ‘unglue’ feature allows you to freely move an object but it no longer exists as far as I can see. FRUSTRATED!!! :slight_smile:

Yes. It’s always been possible to move entities with the Move tool accurately and reliably. It’s not any different now than it has ever been.

What tutorials are you referring to? Unglue is only available for components that were given gluing properties in the first place. Gluing is not a required property, however.

Thanks for your reply. Can you expound on how to accurately move an entity?


Show me an example SKP file with what you are trying to move. In general terms you grab the entity by a logical point and move it to where you need that point to be.

Being a new user I wasn’t aware of that. I saw a youtube video demonstrating ‘unglue’.

Not sure what you’re referring to as ‘logical’ ?

Well, for example, if you want to move one box next to another so their corners coincide, grab the moving one by the corner and move it to the appropriate corner on the other one.

@DaveR’s animation illustrates two essential points about the move tool that, perhaps, aren’t stressed as well as they could be in the videos: First, the point at which you “grab” an object by clicking becomes the reference point for where it will be deposited when you click again. So you should choose it according to what you want to accomplish (that’s what he means by “logical”). Second, you precisely align the moved object with other content by using SketchUp’s inference engine to find the point where you want to deposit the grabbed point.

There are many videos on YouTube addressing how one uses the Move Tool.
Here is one for your reference


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Thanks Dave! Got it!
Appreciate your help a bunch! Building ‘furniture’ to establish floor plans in the tiny houses I’m building for vacation rentals in Taverse City, MI.

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Thank you Chris! Think I’ve finally got it … : )

You really need to get SketchUp Pro then so you have LayOut.

You need pro anyway for the license. :wink:

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