Moving / resize object accurately

Is there a way to move object accurately (i.e. with arrow keys) ?
The same for resizing object ?

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There is a plugin somewhere that allows you to move an entity with the cursor keys but since it must neccessarily move in steps, it’s more precise to move objects with the Move tool and the mouse, inferencing, and or entered distances. Resizing can be done with the Scale tool or the Tape Measure tool. Which one makes more sense depends on exactly what you are resizing.

To reinforce what @DaveR wrote, when you move an object you normally have one or other of two goals in mind: either you want to move it into some kind of alignment with other objects, or you want to move it in some absolute way such as to a particular coordinate or by a particular distance. For the former, you want to use the inference system because that is what it does. Trying to “nudge” something over next to or aligned with something else by moving it in tiny steps is an exercise in frustration! LIkewise, moving over by some arbitrary amount wired to an arrow key is less accurate than selecting move and typing the amount or coordinate you want.

As my native language is French, can you explain for a new user I am what is “inference” ?
I often see “verrouiller inference” on french GUI (lock inference in English), which means that the word is not so easy to translate…
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With regard to inferences and the move tool, try this knowledge center page (it is in English, but perhaps you can get enough from it…)

There is also material about using inference while drawing here: