Best tool ever. Nudge Tool-Incrementally move a shape


I am looking for a plugin tool that will move a shape incrementally. There used to be a plugin called “Nudge” that I found on Smustard. It would allow you to select a shape, enter a distance, 1/8",1/4" etc then move the shape by keys strokes.
But alas, with the upgrades that tool did not survive. Is there anything like that out there?




There is the tool itself, upgraded for 2014 and now $16. Nudge

I’m darned if I understand why you like it, though. It’s inherently very imprecise. Why use that when inferencing lets you put anything anywhere anytime?



“Nudge moves one or more objects in any (orthogonal) direction via keyboard keys.”- Smustard
I find it odd that one would rather spend $$ than learn SU’s more powerful inference guided move functions.

Move Tool: Moving Precisely — SketchUp Help
Inference: Inference Types — SketchUp Help



Thanks for the info. The update works great.
FYI. For the kind of projects on this job it is the exact tool I need and well worth the $$



Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that Nudge had been updated.
Your right, the move tool works great, but for this project Nudge is the tool I need.
I find it odd that you care where I spend my money.



Of course we care where you spend your money :smile:

I understand the need for a nudge-like function in some circumstances. I myself use it often in Revit when placing furniture or entourage elements where precision is not important - it is quicker to use just the arrow keys “until it looks right” than to keep pointing and clicking with the Move tool.



FYI the move can do similar function via key board input either in absolute or relative x,y,z corrdinates. or in one and keep other at same spot. However ,I have never used the Nudge tool.