Nudge extension for SU 2019

I have been using sketchup for several years and I found an extension called nudge that let me move any object x,y,z by xx amount quickly and easily. I setup all my drawings to function by moving objects 12" at a time. With 2019, I cant find “Nudge”. is there another extension I can use to move incrementally over and over again?

If you had Nudge in any previous versions of SketchUp, look in the plugins folder that are in this path:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp XXXX\SketchUp\Plugins

Look for each old version you still have installed.

Nudge itself was sold by Smustard, and I’m not sure it it was available from anywhere except here:

hello, you can also enable length snapping and set it to 12"

This is really helpful. Thank you it will work. Can you setup a hotkey shortcut to change that?
Also it doesn’t snap the Z plane.

I have the extension, I can’t load it for some reason…assuming that it is not compatible with the new version.

What do you mean you can’t load it? Is it installed in SU2019? Do you get a loading error when starting SketchUp?

It is an old plugin but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

When I try to load the NUDGE.RB in the extension manager, it is just greyed out.
I have started to use the move tool and setup a hot key to adjust snap, but I am finding that the snap isnt precise as once it has snapped, I can still move the object a little. Overall the iSnap hotkey is working.

Ahh… So improper installation method. The Extension Manager will only install plugins/extensions that are packed as .rbz files which are just .zip files with the .rbz extension.

Put the .rb file into a zip file using something like 7-Zip or another zipping utility. Then rename the file from .zip to .rbz. After that you should be able to install it with Extension Manager.

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or drop the .rb directly in the plugins folder.

Using the snap to length isn’t a good option, very prone to causing errors.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! DaveR, that was exactly the answer I needed. I did learn a lot about the movement tool, but dearly missed the Nudge functionality.